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Our lawyers at Abogados Halcón can provide legal advice and Court assistance on both National and International Commerce matters, highlighting the importance of all aspects of their economy and legal criteria.

Our expertise & knowledge acquired by years of experience in this field can help answer any questions or doubts you may have in your international transactions in the following sectors:

  • International Trading
  • Cargo Contracts
  • Commercial Debts
  • Banker’s Cheque and Bank Guarantees
  • L.C Letter of Credit
  • Uniform Customs Practice UCP 600
  • Commission Contracts and International Concessionary laws
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Joint Ventures
  • International Transport

Our Lawyers are experts on the above, and many other legal aspects of International Commerce trading. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or queries you may have this area of Law, which not only is regulated by State Legislation but also by Lex Mercatoria – Body of Trading Principles.

  • Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (Publication Number 458)
  • Uniform Rules for the Interpretation of International Trade Terms (Incoterms) (Publication Number 560)
  • Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (Publication Number 600)
  • Uniform Customs and Practice of Collections (Publication Number 522)
  • Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds (Publication Number 524)
  • Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursement under Documentary Credits (Publication Number 525)
  • UNCTAD and ITC Rules on Multimodal Transport Document (Publication Number 481)
  • ITC International Usage on contingent liabilities ISP 98
  • International Standby Practices (Publication Number 590)

Our Lawyers are experts in this field and their very good knowledge on these usages is essential, as well as in any adhering to International Conventions, such as the Viena April 11th 1980 Convention for International Sale of Goods, the 1974 New York Convention on Limitation in the International Sale of Goods, 19th of June 1980 Rome Convention on Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations, Geneva February 17th 1983 Convention on Agency in the International Sale of Goods; amongst many others.

Abogados Halcón

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Maria Calibarol Nandata, Angelica Legutal Averga, Francisco Baletas Gortasa,
Samuel Nidanas Lictorad, Victor Amador Dulebima, Maria Dameca Rinyoh,
Sarai Melaco Motodah, Ricardo Bantan Lunkmar, Judite Whimstai
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