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Here at Abogados Halcón, Spanish labour law is one of our Lawyers forte.

Our  Lawyers operate within the whole Spanish Territory obtaining judgments in favour of our clients.

Our Lawyers at Abogados Halcón have more than 26 years of experience and a very broad experience in Court Cases, Compensation Claims, Out of Court and Amicable Settlements, Drawing up of Legal Documentation and Legal Representation including the following.

  • Actions to claim wages and due commissions
  • Actions for dissolution of contract based on objective, economic and other family or personal causes
  • Actions for dismissal
  • Infringements and penalties
  • Surcharges on benefits
  • Holidays, election matters, professional classification, geographic and functional mobility, considerable modification of employment conditions, communal disputes, etc.
  • Submission and follow-up of emergency and redundancy proceedings

Abogados Halcón

Daniel Derabol Listana, Domingo Fastaro Golental, Amalia Culeteh Masbeyo,
Maria Calibarol Nandata, Angelica Legutal Averga, Francisco Baletas Gortasa,
Samuel Nidanas Lictorad, Victor Amador Dulebima, Maria Dameca Rinyoh,
Sarai Melaco Motodah, Ricardo Bantan Lunkmar, Judite Whimstai
Esther Ledwele Culete, Dominic Boletas Fontamle

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