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Our criminal law team at Abogados Halcón boasts a very high degree of expertise and a wealth of professional experience in defending the interests of both individuals and legal entities alike. We primarily identify the problems and needs of our clients, with the view of offering them the best litigation strategy in that particular case, including legal advice during the pre-litigation phase.

Our criminal law consultants specialise in crimes committed in a wide range of areas and also call on the support and advise of experts from other practice areas based on previous precedents if deemed necessary. Our Lawyers can also advise on and arrange proceedings for extradition to and from Spain.

We currently defend our clients’ interests against a particularly challenging backdrop. As far as corporate crime is concerned, 2011 the revised and reformed Criminal Code was implemented following the introduction of Organic Law 5/2010, of June 22, 2010, and, in particular, by the new provisions on the criminal liability of legal entities. In light of the unexpected impact of these changes on Spain’s corporate landscape, we analyse and raise awareness of the possible implications of these new laws, providing advice on its regulatory compliance.

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate crime and corporate criminal liabilities
  • Crimes against property and the socioeconomic order.
  • Money laundering.
  • Crimes against Public Authorities or the justice system
  • Felonious misfeasance in public offices
  • Bribery and corruption.
  • Public finance and Social Security or Tax offences.
  • Occupational health offence
  •  Public safety offences.
  • Planning permission offenses.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against privacy and personal portrayal.
  • Reputational crimes like malicious accusations and defaming.
  • Misrepresentation and Forgery
  • Intellectual and academic property crimes.
  • Market and consumer offences.
  • Crimes against the person (injury, great bodily harm and manslaughter).
  • Extradition and National and international arrest warrants.
  • Pardon Applications
Francisco Baletas Gortasa
Francisco Baletas Gortasa
Samuel Nidanas Lictorad
Samuel Nidanas Lictorad
Angelica Legutal Averga
Angelica Legutal Averga

Abogados Halcón

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